Frequently Asked Questions

Computer cannot recognize keyboard under Windows 7 OS?

USB receiver is located in the back compartment of the mouse, near the battery slot. Or it is in the back compartment of your keyboard for some models.

Computer cannot recognize keyboard under Windows 7 OS?

Delete all the Bluetooth devices from your computer’s current list and then retry Bluetooth pairing.

Can I use the mouse on Macbook Air?

Depends. This mouse requires the standard USB type A port to work. New 2018 Macbook Air with only Type-C ports will not be compatible.

Which mode is more battery efficient? Bluetooth or USB?

There is no significant difference, Bluetooth however, is slightly more efficient.

How long can the battery last?

Brand new battery with 8 hours of daily usage, can last for about a month.

I can't pair this keyboard in Windows 7.

Our keyboard works on Bluetooth 4.0. Only operating systems after Windows 7 supports Bluetooth 4.0. So if your computer hardware supports BT4.0, you can simply update your OS to Win 8 or later. Otherwise, you can still use the 2.4 Ghz USB wireless connection.

Keyboard works fine on one device but having trouble connecting to another (or have obvious latency on the others).

This is due to much interference in the communication channel. You can clear the pairing list of the jammed device to remove interference. Then reconnect the keyboard.

The Bluetooth pairing does not work on my device (or laggy).

There is too much signal interference, please try clearing the Bluetooth list on your device and reconnect again. Hold TAB for 3 seconds to pair.