Large Font Print USB LED Backlit Keyboard 104 Keys Standard Full Size Computer Keyboard – White Backlit

Large Font Print USB LED Backlit Keyboard 104 Keys Standard Full Size Computer Keyboard – White Backlit

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  • LARGE POINT KEY: the key is printed in large font, which is clearer and easier to find.
  • WHITE BACKLIGHT: white backlight, no glare, less light pollution than color backlight, protect your eyes, typing at light more convenient.
  • 104 KEYS: standard 104- key full- size keyboard, office, internet and games are all compatible.
  • SUITABLE FOR PEOPLE: suitable for the elderly, myopic people and those who need to large font point key.
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FN combination shortcut keys: built-in multimedia and function hotkeys to facilitate your quick operation (multimedia player, volume adjustment, player function keys, e-mail, home page, keyboard lock, calculator).

2. Backlight adjustable: Backlight can be customized switch, can adjust brightness, can be set to breathing lamp mode.

3. Plug and Play Function: 4.9 ft long wired USB connection, fast and convenient installation, Plug and Play.

4. Compatibility with Mac: Not fully compatible with Mac OS, some function keys are not available in Mac OS, and the WINDOWS icon button on the keyboard can achieve “Command” function.


Color: Black

keys: 104 keys

Material: ABS Plastic

Connection Type: USB

USB Cable Length: 4.9 ft

Dimension: 17.7 x 6.3 x 1 inches

Keyswitch Life: 5 million strokes times

Compatibility: Support PC with USB port, Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10


  1. I purchased this keyboard for my dad on Christmas. He has terrible eye sight from age and an old eye injury. He loves it. The large print with the lit letters/numbers makes for a great high contrast easy to see keyboard. I actually like it myself. Best one I could find for my dad’s bad eyes. Decent price too! I will be bookmarking this company.

  2. Just received this today. Needed a backlit keyboard and the large font helps w/my deteriorating vision. Plugged it in a couple of hours ago and this is my favorite keyboard this IT geek has ever used!

    Just like Frank posted above, bookmarking this company for my future accessory, etc., needs. This purchase was a huge WIN!

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