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Crystal Programmable Mechanical Keyboard

Make It Your Own Keyboard

With firmware developed from QMK, you can make the most of your custom key layout, easily program and remap each key to match your preferred typing environment. The Crystal keyboard is ready for whatever you need it to do.

Wireless and Wired Two Mode Connection

Get rid of the cables but keep the speed. Crystal keyboard connects with up to 5 devices via Bluetooth for uncluttering desk. It also has wired mode with USB Type-C connection.

Hot-swappable Keyswitches

Take your keyboard customization to the next level with hot-swappable keyswitches. Simply pop off the keycap and replace it with another one of your choice.

Cross-radial Ergonomic Design

The linear columns of keys mirror the natural motion of your fingers to increase speed and comfort. Its cross-radial design follows the angles between fingers when they speard naturally, keeping your hands in a neutral and comfortable position.

Operation Guide

Configure Keyboard

Using Help

Firmware Download